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tile flooring in bathroom

Tile in Redding, California


The use of tile in our homes and gathering spots is hardly a new concept- tile has been embraced for centuries- but modern ingenuity continues to thrill us with new tile flooring and wall tile offerings. Sustainable, sturdy, and eternally stylish tile continues to thrive in our homes, businesses, and outdoor living spaces.


At Carpet One Floor & Home of Redding in Redding, California, we’re the region’s foremost authority on tile flooring and wall tile. With hundreds of distinctive tile options, there are tile products to satisfy your every style craving. If you’re planning a tile installation in the coming months, you’ll want to keep reading.


What Are the Different Types of Tile?

The type of tile that will best fit your unique space and needs depends on several key factors, such as your budget, how durable you need it, and where you plan to install it. Tile can be made using a wide variety of materials. However, the bulk of our tile inventory includes ceramic, porcelain, and stone tile.


Why Choose Ceramic Tile?


Why Choose Porcelain Tile?


Why Choose Stone Tile?


What Is Wood Look Tile?

Have you always hoped to use hardwood in your new bathroom or kitchen? Our wood-look tile can truly save the day: ceramic and porcelain are much harder substances than hardwood, so they will not ever dent or stain in settings like kitchens or bathrooms. That’s why wood-look tile is also a wonderful choice for floors and backsplashes.


Made to capture the natural grain of hardwood, while emulating the easy-care aspects of a tile, wood-look tile is offered in a full spectrum of grains, shades, and patterns, and will also stand up against moisture and heavy foot traffic. There are hundreds of varieties, made of both vinyl and porcelain, meaning wood-look tile is truly the best of both worlds.


Where Can Tile Be Installed?


Kitchen and Bathroom Tile

Having a kitchen or bathroom that’s outdated, dysfunctional, or simply unattractive can wear on us over time. Tile is a beautiful way to bring these vital spaces new life, adding bold color, texture, and endurance to your floors, walls, and showers.

What Is the Best Tile for Kitchens?

Kitchen flooring should be strong, durable, and fun to look at. Typically, you’ll see ceramic tile installed in kitchens. Ceramic has a traditional look to it. It’s made from sturdy, natural materials that can manage daily wear and tear. You can even have ceramic tiles on your walls! Porcelain is another excellent kitchen floor option. It’s fired at a much higher temperature than ceramic, which means it has a much higher heat resistance and, in turn, is more durable.


What Is the Best Tile for Bathrooms?

Bathrooms almost always have tile installed in them because it is a waterproof floor. Tile is excellent for bathrooms because it does not absorb water and does not react to changes in temperature. You can install any tile in bathrooms, but we recommend looking at a stone or porcelain option. They have more slip resistance than ceramic tile. In addition, stone tile is incredibly durable, and its texture assists in better footing when stepping out of the shower.


Tile can also be installed in shower stalls. Match the existing tile floor or complement it with something different. A custom tile shower adds value to your home and also makes your bathroom a place you want to be. Since tile is waterproof and durable, it is an excellent option for remodeling your bathroom.


Tile Backsplashes

Backsplash tile provides a simple and inexpensive way to update your kitchen or bathroom without having significant renovations done or spending a lot of money. A colorful and functional alternative to plain old paint or wallpaper, backsplash tile adds constant visual appeal while protecting the areas around your stove, sink, or tub.


Tile is incredibly durable, easy to customize, and always creative. Having backsplash tile above the stove area makes it much easier to keep clean regularly. Instead of endlessly scrubbing wallpaper or painted surfaces, which can cause damage, homeowners can simply wipe down these tiles after cooking. Unlike wallpaper, these tiles don’t absorb cooking odors, helping homeowners maintain an enjoyable scent in their kitchen.


Where Can I Shop Tile Near Me?

When you’re in search of tile in Redding, CA, we’ve got you covered! As part of an independent flooring cooperative that’s over a thousand stores strong, Carpet One Floor & Home of Redding brings outstanding value, endless variety, and reliable services. Here, you’ll encounter many of the industry’s hottest tile brands, including tile by Bel Terra. We can even help with your tile installation! To learn more about your tile options and related services we offer, please visit us soon at 5050 Westside Road in Redding, CA, or shop our tile online today.


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