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Carpet in Redding, CA

Nothing quite compares to carpet flooring. Carpet holds steady as one of America's favorite floors. With thousands of styles to choose from, there are even carpet options that are safe for pets and kids.


You'll encounter all the latest carpet innovations at Carpet One Floor & Home in Redding, CA. We carry smart and stylish soft surfaces for every setting. Are you considering a new residential or commercial carpet this year? Here are some things that are important to know before you shop.


Carpet Types


Which carpet flooring product will work best for you and your family? Your first step is to closely examine your surroundings and consider your budget and activity levels. There are plenty of carpet options for families of all sizes and ages, but it's crucial to choose without haste.


Your carpet's fibers, or pile, determine your rug's overall abilities. Carpet pile is either synthetic or naturally derived. Some of the popular pile types include wool, polyester, and nylon. Ask a carpeting expert to help you determine which types of carpet will fare best in your unique setting.


Nylon carpet, made from synthetic fibers, is renowned for its softness as well as its ability to resist stains and sun-fade. Coating with a clear, protective treatment, your nylon carpet is a reliable choice for all types of residential and commercial settings. Nylon carpets are one of the pricier synthetic options. Polyester carpet, a more affordable synthetic that looks and feels like nylon, was once considered to be an inferior product, but times have certainly changed. Recent manufacturing improvements have made for polyester carpets that are much more resilient and can stand up to stains better.


Triexta carpet is a synthetic product that’s armed with some of the strongest stain-resisting abilities in the industry, making it a favorite for commercial uses. Its low pile and subtle patterns conceal many flaws, as well as footprints, so you won’t want to rule it out for your busy household. Olefin/polypropylene carpet is a woven synthetic pile with dramatic patterns. A stunning addition to formal, quieter settings, your olefin carpet isn’t intended for hard use and is best reserved for areas where fashion rules over function. Wool carpet is made from 100% natural fibers that are organically water, mildew, and allergen resistant. It holds tight to dyes and is less prone to fading than many other carpet varieties, and if properly cared for, has incredible staying power.


Carpet Installation


Carpet flooring should never be installed in bathrooms or kitchens, but it's an ideal addition to nearly any other interior. For staircases, hallways, and family rooms, it makes sense to use heavier, denser carpet intended to manage constant wear. On the other hand, if comfort and luxury are your ultimate objectives, a lush shag carpet can be an instant hit in the master bedroom.


Your recent or upcoming carpet purchase represents a sound investment: an investment that, if properly installed, will reap some amazing rewards as the coming years march on. However, we cannot stress enough how important it is to look before you leap. Improperly installed, your carpet can wear out before its time, not to mention the fact that many of our products’ warranties require your carpet to be professionally installed.


Are you preparing for a carpet flooring installation? Well before the work teams arrive, you’ll want to do your part to ensure everything goes off without a hitch. Vacuuming your old rug before removal is always a good idea to remove any underlying dirt and debris. With contractors about to move about in your home – often carrying heavy equipment- it’s always a good idea to lay a trail to their work area. Use old towels, drop cloths, or tarps to set aside any worries of muddy footprints. While some installation professionals will help you move your furniture, it’s important to clarify this matter in advance. In any case, you’ll still do well to remove fragile items such as artwork, knick-knacks, potted plants, and other such items


Our Carpet Selection


Carpet One Floor & Home of Redding, CA, carries on a long tradition of helping homeowners find smarter ways to floor. We're proud to be members of the nation's largest independent flooring cooperative: experience the co-op difference in selection and service. To learn more, please visit us soon at 5050 Westside Road to   our latest carpet displays.


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Carpet Care & Maintenance


We recommend having a professional carpet cleaner clean your floors once a year. Follow the link below to learn about cleaning tips to use in the meantime.