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Backsplash Tile

Kitchen & Bathroom Backsplashes

A colorful and functional alternative to plain old paint or wallpaper, backsplash tile adds constant visual appeal while protecting the areas around your stove, sink, or tub. Tile is incredibly durable, easy to customize, and always creative. We can help create an enduring and unique tile backsplash at Carpet One Floor & Home of Redding, CA.


The world of wall and backsplash tile is constantly growing, and today there are tiles to match any color scheme. Whether you’re seeking a subtle pattern or something brighter and bolder, we have the products, skills, and tools needed to dress up your kitchen or bath.




Beautiful Backsplashes

Having backsplash tile above the stove area makes it much easier to keep clean regularly. Instead of endlessly scrubbing wallpaper or painted surfaces, which can cause damage, homeowners can simply wipe down these tiles after cooking. Unlike wallpaper, these tiles don’t absorb cooking odors, helping homeowners maintain an enjoyable scent in their kitchen.


Backsplash tile provides a simple and inexpensive way to update your kitchen or bathroom without having significant renovations done or spending a lot of money. Tiles can significantly impact their kitchen or bathroom's overall design and add value to these rooms.




Many Tile Options

Wall tile and tile backsplash can be made from various materials, including porcelain, ceramic, or stone. Wall tiles are generally smaller and lighter than other tile options. Homeowners can choose a material that complements the surrounding wall or adds a layer of texture to the room in general. Some options come in stone, granite, or marble. These materials are durable and help keep moisture from accumulating in kitchens and bathrooms, which reduces the risk of mold growth.


Want to learn more about our tile options? We can even schedule a time for you to chat with an interior designer: just ask! Please visit us soon at 5050 Westside Road in Redding, CA, or call us today.

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