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Tile That Looks Like Wood

Uniting the organic beauty of actual hardwood, with the endurance and low-maintenance of a tile, wood-look tile is a striking, yet smart option for your floors, as well as your walls. Wood look tile can boldly go where hardwood is ill-advised, is incompatible, or simply isn’t within your price range. In fact, there are some who might argue that wood look tile is, in some ways, better than the real thing!

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Made to capture the natural grain of hardwood, while emulating the easy-care aspects of a tile, wood-look tile is offered in a full spectrum of grains, shades, and patterns, and will also stand up against moisture and heavy foot traffic. There are hundreds of varieties, made of both vinyl and porcelain, meaning wood-look tile is truly the best of both worlds.

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At Carpet One of Redding, we offer some truly unique flooring options, including wood-look tile that’s great for both residential and commercial-uses. We’re constantly seeking out new and exciting flooring and décor alternatives: especially products that offer up all the decadent textures of natural hardwood, along with the unbendable strength and waterproofing assets that are inherent only in tile.

Have you always hoped to use hardwood in your new bathroom or kitchen? Our wood-look tile can truly save the day: ceramic and porcelain are much harder substances than hardwood, so they will not ever dent or stain in such settings. This is why wood -look tile is also a wonderful choice for backsplashes.

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