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Carpet One of Redding is the place to go for everything tile related. We know a thing or two about tile, and are here to help you with your next project. The first thing you need to know about tile is how versatile it is. Not only can you install it on your floors, but you can also put tile on your walls, in the shower, and even outside as well. Below are just some examples of the possibilities you’ll have when you choose tile for your next project.

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Kitchen and Bath Tile

Tile is most commonly found in kitchens and bathrooms alike. Since tile is such a durable option, it makes perfect sense. Tile is made to be water resistant, heat resistant, and can handle a lot of foot traffic, making it the perfect option for a kitchen or bathroom. Most commonly you will see ceramic tile in kitchens because of its wide variety of styles. Porcelain is used in bathrooms because of how resistant it is to water.

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Backsplash Tile

Backsplash tile, or wall tile, is both decorative as it is functional. Wallpaper is outdated, and cannot resist moisture or heat well. Wall tile is resistant, and can handle everything from heat to moisture. Wall tile in your kitchen can be used to break up long and boring walls. It also protects the wall underneath from food and grease splatter when installed on the wall behind your stovetop. Learn more about customizing your kitchen or bathroom with wall tile by visit our backsplash tile page.

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