Kitchen and Bathroom Tile

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Tile for Kitchens and Bathrooms

When you think tile flooring, most homeowners plan to install it in their kitchen or bathroom. There is a lot you can do with tile in those rooms. Remember, tile isn’t just meant for floors; you can even put it on your walls! At Carpet One of Redding, we have the experts to help you pick out the perfect tile for your project. We have professional flooring experts who also have an eye for design, so you can match your current décor or totally remodel your room. Choose from our ceramic, porcelain, and stone collections. Each come in different styles, patterns, and colors so you can truly customize the look of your floors or walls.

Best Tile for Kitchens

Kitchen flooring should be strong, durable, and fun to look at. Commonly you’ll see ceramic tile installed in kitchens. Ceramic has a traditional look to it. It’s made from natural materials and is strong. You can even have ceramic tiles on your walls. A kitchen backsplash does more than add style. It also protects your walls from food splatter, and is easy to clean when the accidental spill happens. Porcelain is a great kitchen floor option. It is baked at a much higher temperature than ceramic, which means it has a much higher heat resistance and in turn is more durable.

Bathroom Floor Tile

Bathrooms almost always have tile installed in them because it is a waterproof floor. Tile is great for bathrooms because it does not absorb the water and does not react to changes in temperature. You can install any kind of tile in bathrooms, but we recommend looking at a stone or porcelain option. The have more slip resistance than ceramic tile. Stone tile is incredibly durable and its texture assists in better footing when stepping out of the shower.

Tile can also be installed in shower stalls. Match the current tile floor or complement it with something different. A custom tile shower adds value to your home and also makes your bathroom a place you want to be. Since tile is waterproof and durable it is a great option if you are looking to remodel your bathroom.

To learn more about tile, visit our showroom and speak with one of our flooring professionals.